How to prepare a brief for explainer video animations?
  • Purpose and message: clearly define the purpose of the explainer animation and the main message to be conveyed. Do you want to explain a complex process, introduce a new product or service, or perhaps convey relevant information to the audience? Defining these elements will help the animator understand what your expectations are.

  • Target audience: Carefully describe the target audience that the explainer animation will be aimed at. For what purpose will viewers use the animation? What are their interests and expectations? This information will help you to adapt the style and tone of the animation.

  • Style and aesthetics: If you have specific preferences for the style of the animation, share them. This could include preferences for colours, typography, iconography or characters. If you have examples of other animations you like, share them so the animator can understand what your expectations are.

  •  Deadline and budget: Specify the deadline for the explainer animation and the budget available. This will help the to tailor the scope of work to the resources available.

  • Reference examples: If you already have examples of explainer animations that you like, share them. This can help the to better understand your preferences and expectations.